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Run This - Running entrepreneurs, interview series post 1

Run This - Running entrepreneurs, interview series post 1

We are kicking things off with an exciting series. We believe in runners helping runners and this series is intended to do just that. I find running is a lot like being an entrepreneur, it is a solo sport but you're surrounded by a team to lift you up, offer you encouragement, tips, and cheer you on as you go. I wouldn't be where I am without my team surrounding me to support me, to bounce ideas off of and to champion my efforts. I've been lucky (by lucky, I mean a lot of luck and a lot serious hard work) to have built a successful, growing business around a sport I adore. Running has given me so much that I want to honor it in the best way I know how, and that's by giving back to my fellow runners. With that in mind, let's get this party started! 

We've reached out to some of our, and your, favorite entrepreneurs who've built businesses around running. When I started Sarah Marie Design Studio, I learned everything the hard way, made things up as I went along and would have loved to have something to reference for ideas and direction. That's what the goal of this series is. To hear from actual entrepreneurs with real life businesses, how they got where they are today and what they've learned along the way. 

We will pose the same questions to each of them and every week will post their answers to one of our questions. First, let me introduce our entrepreneurs:

Sarah Marie Design Studio 

Sarah FitzPatrick Clancy

SMDS is a running lifestyle brand celebrating the live easy, run hard mentality. Owned and operated by Sarah FitzPatrick Clancy, it was born out of her need to design and her love of running. From hand drawn greeting cards, to graphic apparel and mugs, Sarah brings a sense of humor to all of her creative designs. As a full time mom of two, she runs SMDS out of her home fueled by lots of coffee and her passion for her work. 


Website: www.SarahMarieDesignStudio.com

Instagram: @SarahMarieDesignStudio

Facebook: @SarahMarieDesignStudio

Twitter: @ShopSMDS

Believe I Am LLC is all things running+psychology related. 

Ro (Róisín) McGettigan-Dumas is the owner of BelieveIAm LLC. 

My mission is to champion the physical, mental, social and emotional benefits of running and competing. I do this via the Believe Training Journal Series™ that I co-authored with Lauren Fleshman, Sports Psychology Coaching that is my #1 passion, pioneering research on elite athletes + pregnancy, developing a school workshop for world-class athletes and co-organizing local running groups.

I'm originally from Wicklow Ireland where I grew up running along the beaches and trails and being inspired by watching irish athletes on tv. I attended  Providence College in Rhode Island and  ran professionally with New Balance under the tutelage of Ray Treacy and  his stellar squad. I  was an Olympic finalist (’08) , am the Irish record holder in the steeplechase and European Indoor Medallist in the 1500m. 

Retired from pro-running, but I'm still running all day only this time after two little ones :) 


Website: www.believeiam.com

Instagram: @believetrainingjournal

Facebook: Believe I Am, Mothers On Track

Twitter: runprovidence, believeiam, runrorun


Monica DeVreese & Jill Deering

We started rabbit because we love pretty much everything about running. In fact, we are totally obsessed. The only problem was that we didn’t love the running clothes that were out there. Most of the options seemed to compromise between style and performance and missed the mark on both—rabbit was created because we thought we could do better and decided to give it a try. Jill brought her experience as a lawyer and elite runner, Monica offered her knowledge of the running industry and understanding as a running specialty shop owner, and the two women combined creative forces.  Both women are lifelong runners, and combined with the amazing support from our community, this experience has helped rabbit take off hopping. All of the apparel is proudly made in America and only sold online at runinrabbit.com and at select running shops. We hope to not only make the most awesome running clothes out there, but also to help inspire runners, to progress the sport, and to support the running community as a whole. 

Website: www.runinrabbit.com

Instagram: @runinrabbit

Facebook: @runinrabbit

Twitter: @runinrabbit

Run Intended

Amanda Shannon Verrengia

Run Intended was created and is owned and operated by Amanda Shannon Verrengia. As a certified personal trainer, sports performance training specialist and run coach, Amanda specializes in strength training for endurance athletes and race preparation/training for runners of all levels.  

The Run Intended store was born through the desire to create unique, inspiring items that express who we are as runners and to celebrate those that make our sport great. As a full-time mom and business owner, things can be hard to juggle. But, it's nothing espresso and a run can't handle. 


Website: runintended.com

Instagram: @run_intended

Facebook: @runintended

Twitter: @RunIntended

Erica Sara Design

Erica discovered her passion for jewelry design at just 10 years old, using scraps of leather found in her father's showroom to craft fabulous leather pins, earrings and hair pieces for her family and friends. (Hey, it was the 80's!) All grown up and armed with a degree in business and years of fashion experience at Barneys NY and Coach, Erica found inspiration in her childhood hobby and became determined to design a jewelry line for today's modern, driven, fashion savvy and above all, influential woman -- one that's both stunning and affordable. Erica Sara Designs was born out of a dream to help others wear theirs. Her jewelry offers chic, luxurious and classic pieces, semi precious metals, and personal engravings.

On our paths to becoming accomplished & empowered women, we're constantly taking on new challenges, from the office to the gym, from our family to our friends, from our bodies to our minds. Something we can all agree on? It's tough work! At the end of the day, we can also agree that our hopes and dreams, our beliefs and convictions, and our values and achievements, are well-worth the effort—and well-worth celebrating. Erica's customers love to celebrate theirs with her custom engraved pieces. Since launching, Erica Sara Designs has graced the pages of Health, Fitness, Women's Running, Runner's World, Health, US Weekly, Time Out NY, Shape, and Better Homes & Gardens and has been featured on the TODAY show! Unique, universal and timeless, her pieces are sought out by everyone from bridal parties to marathoners, new moms and old friends alike. 

When she's not juggling motherhood and her business, Erica spends her time running, practicing yoga, cooking, exploring Lehigh Valley, and hanging with her husband Robert and their 2 year old son Emmett. She's expecting baby number 2 in September!

Website: www.ericasara.com

Instagram: @ericasara

Facebook: @EricaSaraDesigns

Twitter: @ericasara

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Run This - Question #1

Run This - Question #1