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Boston Unicorns

Boston Unicorns

Unicorns are literally everywhere you look these days. From Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino® to unicorn hair, everyone has caught unicorn fever! But as runners, we know there is one unicorn that rules above all else, and that's the Boston Marathon's unicorn logo. So we're jumping on this trend with true runner fashion and bringing you the Boston Unicorn Pop! (adapted from popsugar's "Lisa Frank-ophiles Need to Make These Unicorn Oreo Pops ASAP")

Boston Unicorns

What you'll need (and links to what I used)


1. Separate Oreos. Melt white chocolate until smooth. Dip sticks in white chocolate and then press into the cream side of the Oreo. Reseal. 

2. Dip Oreo pops into melted white chocolate till coated. Remove excess with knife for a smooth surface. Tip: do two coats of white chocolate. It's easier than trying to get good coverage with one coat. 

3. While chocolate is hardening, create the horns using white fondant. I created mine by rolling it into a long tube and then wrapping around a toothpick, leaving one end exposed to poke in and secure to the Oreo. Sprinkle with gold dust. 

4. Once Oreos are dry, re-dip them for a second coat. 

5. Roll out fondant flat and cut triangles for ears. If wanted, add a tiny drop of red food coloring to fondant and do the same with smaller triangles for inner pink of ears.

6. Dip just the top of the Oreos a third time and then dip into decorations to adhere. Let dry.

7. Use marker to draw on eyes.

8. Top with frosting mane. 

9. Stick horns in Tip: I used a clean toothpick to first make a hole in the white chocolate, then stuck the one with the horn on it in. Helps prevent crushing your horn. 

"Have a nice run" DIY doormat

"Have a nice run" DIY doormat