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"Have a nice run" DIY doormat

"Have a nice run" DIY doormat

If you've been on the internet, you've probably seen these cute coir doormats around. They exist for tacos ("come back with tacos") and mean girl quotes ("you're like really pretty") and amazon deliveries ("if you're pizza, amazon or ryan gosling, we're home"). But we wanted ones for runners! So we took matters into our own hands and made one. Now it's easy for you to do too, with our downloadable template and step-by-step instructions. Make leaving for every run a happy reminder to Have A Nice Run!

Have A Nice Run!

Have A Nice Run!

First, get the goods:


Step 1: After you download the template, print it out onto 8.5 x 11 paper and tape together like so:

Step 1: Tape Together Template

Step 1: Tape Together Template

Step 2: Take clear packaging tape, and go over all the letters. I like to call it the poor man's laminate. This will add a bit of sturdiness to the paper when it's time to cut and paint. 

Step 3: Carefully cut out the letters with an exacto knife. Be sure to save the middle of the A's and the R. 

Step 3: Cut out letters
Step 3 finished

Step 4: Pin the print onto your mat, take care to pin down the point parts that may flop up. The tighter the pin job, the less likely it is that paint will wander underneath the paper. 

Step 4: Pin

Step 5: Spray paint the cut out area. Preferably outside ;) 

Step 5: Spray paint

Next, take out pins and pull off the stencil and voila! Perfection 

Have A Nice Run DIY Mat


Enjoy! And be sure to share your own DIY mats with us

Have A Nice Run
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